Bradbury Review Plans 451 Tribute

Plaque commemorating Bradbury and Typing Room“Truffaut and Bradbury: Fahrenheit 451” will be the theme of a special issue of The New Ray Bradbury Review next year, marking the 50th anniversary of Francois Truffaut’s adaptation of Ray Bradbury’s famous novel.

Guest editor Phil Nichols has put out a call for papers. He’s listed some topics he’d like to see covered:

  • The emergence of “cinematic” writing in Bradbury’s fiction
  • Fahrenheit 451 as a novel with a filmic structure
  • The use of the film Fahrenheit 451 in teaching the novel
  • Narrative analysis of the screenplay (by Truffaut and Jean-Louis Richard)
  • The film’s use of mise en scene, cinematography and editing
  • Fahrenheit 451 as a film with a delight for literature
  • The portrayal of relationships and intimacy in Fahrenheit 451 and the other films of Truffaut
  • Linguistic issues for a French director/screenwriters working in English
  • The reception of the film Fahrenheit 451 by critics and viewers
  • Other attempts to film Fahrenheit 451 (by Mel Gibson, Frank Darabont and others)
  • Bradbury’s theatrical play version of Fahrenheit 451 (Dramatic Publishing, 1986) as a response to Truffaut’s film

Nichols is Senior Adviser to the Center for Ray Bradbury Studies and willing to help contributors access material held by the Center, such as Bradbury’s manuscripts, the Truffaut/Richard screenplay, and various items relate to the novel and film.

Paper proposals must be submitted by August 15.

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  1. This was Francois Truffaut’s first movie, in color, and the only English language movie he directed. (Of course, he was the French guy in Close Encounters.)

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