Bradbury’s Run

As mentioned here before, on the night of the Moon landing Ray Bradbury was interviewed by CBS’ Mike Wallace.

Of course that was after he bailed on David Frost’s silly program, as mentioned in a podcast at Portal of the Universe titled Ray Bradbury Looks Back at Apollo 11, an interview conducted by Mat Kaplan.

Ted Gioia provides a play-by-play of Bradbury’s dramatic evening:

Bradbury walked out on David Frost’s Moon Party, a peculiar British TV concoction which countered the news coverage of the historic events with strange entertainment, featuring everything from Englebert Humperdink to a discussion on the ethics of the lunar landing involving A. J. P. Taylor and Sammy Davis, Jr.  Bradbury was so moved by the Apollo landing that he was in tears. The irreverence of Frost’s coverage was more than he could bear.  

Of course, on this night Mr. Bradbury had no shortage of invitations. After leaving Frost’s “party,” he took a taxi to CBS’s studio, where the author was interviewed by Mike Wallace. “This is an effort to become immortal,” Bradbury proclaimed. How? “We’re going to take our seed out into space and we’re going to plant it on other worlds and then we won’t have to ask ourselves the question of death ever again.”

[Thanks to John King Tarpinian for the link.]

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