Bruce Dane Follow-up

David Klaus reports that Bruce Dane has been moved to Denver:

Select Speciality Hospital
2525 South Downing Street
Denver, Colorado, 80210-5817

“I’m a couple of days behind in current information about his condition,” David explains, “so I’ll update that when I know better.”

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One thought on “Bruce Dane Follow-up

  1. Denver filker Blind Lemming Chiffon passed on a message from Margaret Denny to on Saturday, July 12th:

    From: “Margaret Alia Denny”
    Date: Sat, July 12, 2008 3:34 am

    I just heard from Meera. Bruce died peacefully in his sleep about
    1:15 am today. I had just visited this past evening, and he seemed to be resting better now that he had pain medication. All that fussing from me and then he left the building on his own schedule less than 24 hours from my last fuss.

    Paul (or whoever), please pass the information on to the various
    other groups. Thank you. The concert next week in Manitou Springs ( ) will be a benefit for his minor children and a memorial for Bruce. If any other arrangements are made, I’ll pass them along.


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