Modern Life

Neptune Pool at Hearst Castle

Such trials Jed Hartman is having with everyday technology. Pa Ingalls never had problems like this on Little House on the Prairie. Then again, Pa wasn’t a customer of Comcast.

I agree, when people are paying for cable it’s reasonable for them to expect it to work. But for some reason this made me wonder what customer service was like in the early days of home electricity. Expectations are everything. Go back far enough, and the customers’ attitude was that if electricity worked at all it was amazing. William Randolph Hearst once had a party around the Neptune Pool and when he turned on the electric lights at night, everyone gasped and applauded.

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One thought on “Modern Life

  1. I got cable hooked up yesterday, and laughed like hell when the cable guy explained that he couldn’t answer some of my questions because he didn’t use Time-Warner, but instead had DirectTV.

    Why? “It’s better; more channels, cheaper, and–”

    This is the part that killed me: “– better service.”

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