Burstein Abandons Race for Congress

Michael A. Burstein, who launched an exploratory committee in February, ultimately decided not to run for the seat of Massachusetts Congressman Barney Frank, retiring this year. 

Burstein explained on his campaign website:

A few months ago, I formed a committee to explore a possible run for Congress as a Democrat from the Fourth District.

I’m sorry to say that after much work, we have come to the conclusion that I will not be able to run for Congress at this time. The many other commitments I have, including a regular job, my family, and my duties in the Brookline town government, preclude my running.

Although I am disappointed not to be taking this step, I am heartened by the presence of other candidates, including one who has shown a commitment to the District by voting yesterday in Brookline’s municipal elections (in which I was re-elected to Town Meeting). I still care very deeply about the issues I brought up, and I hope the other candidates running will take some of those issues under consideration as well. This country still has problems when it comes to unemployment, access to education, health care, marriage rights, women’s rights, copyright, and our commitment to a manned space program. I would like to see the federal government and our eventual representative tackle these issues.

Thanks again to all of you who supported me, by collecting signatures and spreading the word about my campaign. I am truly blessed to have so many friends and supporters.

He made the announcement on May 2, the day after Brookline, Massachusetts voters re-elected him a Town Meeting Member from Precinct 12.

You might say the Force is strong in Precinct 12. Another of its Town Meeting Members for the past seven years was attorney A. Joseph Ross, founder of the University of Massachusetts Science Fiction Society, past Vice President of NESFA, and a former officer of the convention Arisia. However, Ross was not returned to office in the May 2 election.

Brookline has approximately 248 Town Meeting Members. Fifteen registered voters are elected from each of 16 precincts to serve as Town Meeting Members. Only Town Meeting Members have the right to vote on matters that come before Town Meeting.

4 thoughts on “Burstein Abandons Race for Congress

  1. FYI, like Joe, I also served as Vice-President of NESFA, which made Brookline Town Meeting the only municipal legislature (as far as we know) to have two former NESFA Vice-Presidents serving at the same time. (Joe has actually served in Town Meeting for more than 7 years, but not consecutively. He served for a long time, then was voted out, then voted back in for the last 7 years. He’ll be back, I’m sure.)

  2. People like Michael Eisner get richer no matter what they do or don’t do — that’s the meaning of having a “title.” In Merry Olde England it was “Sir This or That” — a knighthood. In modern times it’s “Yessir This or That” — a CEO.

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