Burt Kwouk (1930-2016)

By Steve Green: Burt Kwouk, British actor, has died aged 85. Genre appearances include Curse of the Fly (1965), The Avengers (three episodes, 1961-65), Out of the Unknown (one episode, 1965), the first episode of The Champions (1968), The Tomorrow People (two episodes, 1978), Doctor Who (the 1982 four-parter ‘Four to Doomsday’) and Spirit Warriors (four episodes, 2010).

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6 thoughts on “Burt Kwouk (1930-2016)

  1. And probably best known as Clouseau’s servant “Cato” in the Pink Panther films.

  2. Aw well that sucks. RIP Mr Kwouk.

    BTW I’m going from memory, but I think he had a small role in Goldfinger, too.

  3. BGHilton: I think he had a small role in Goldfinger, too.

    Yes he did.

  4. And You Only Live Twice. It’s my head-cannon that the Chinese officer he played in Goldfinger, the launch-room techie in YOLT, Kato in the Pink Panther series, and Entwhistle in Last of the Summer WIne were all the same character, in different stages of his life. See, after the fiasco at Blofeld’s secret volcano base, he decided to lay low in Paris for a while, where he got a job as a man-servant for an eccentric French detective…

  5. When I read the title, I immediately pictured him leaping out at Peter Sellers.

    Some of the Pink Panther films border on SF.

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