Business is Booming

For fans of things blowing up, here’s CNN video of the demolition of the RCA Dome, where pro football’s Indianapolis Colts once played. This caught my eye because I didn’t realize there even this much of RCA left to blow up.

The stadium was named for the defunct corporation that once owned NBC, where my father spent his entire career as a technician. From him, I heard that RCA’s General David Sarnoff dreamed flat-screen tv would someday be practical, and keep that big piece of furniture from taking up so much space in people’s living rooms.

Yet now that we have flatscreen, those living rooms are completely taken over by “home theaters.” Bradbury, better than Sarnoff, recognized the perverse degree to which people want tv to invade their homes, in stories like “The Veldt”

Incidentally, the RCA Dome was finished in 1984. RCA was finished in 1986.

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