2 thoughts on “Captain America: Civil War Trailer #2

  1. The single thing that caused me the most in renewed interest was seeing Hawkeye on one side and Black Widow on the other.

    But let’s be honest, I was seeing it anyhow.

  2. I’m also surprised to see Hawkeye and Black Widow and for that matter Cap and Black Widow on opposite sides, since it always seemed to me as if Natasha was closer to Steve than to Tony.

    But what excited me most about this trailer was the scene at 0:15 where a horrified Black Widow overlooks an exploding airport, because that airport is Halle-Leipzig airport in Schkeuditz in former East Germany. My great-aunt used to live in Schkeuditz and we visited her every year when I was a teenager. So seeing Schkeuditz in a Hollywood movie (and the real Schkeuditz or at least the real airport, not Cleveland unsuccessfully pretending to be Stuttgart) was pretty cool. Especially since I had no idea that any scenes were filmed there.

    Of course, I was going to see the film anyway.

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