Carol Carr’s Collection

Carol Carr: The Collected Writings is available from Ramble House with her short story “Look, You Think You’ve Got Troubles” — reprinted 12 times, notably in Jack Dann’s memorable Wandering Stars collection – other short fiction “Inside,” “Wally À Deux” and “Tooth Fairy,” plus articles and poems.

Karen Haber’s comments from the Introduction are enough to make anyone want to immediately read Carr’s work —

She has the sharp focus, love of wordplay and whimsy, attention to detail, and grace in phrasing that characterize superb writing. She embraces all the humor and pathos of the human condition, bringing a good dose of anger—and leavening silliness—to the mix.

She’s sold every piece of fiction that she’s written. She’s appeared in the highly respected Omni magazine, scooped up by its fiction editor Ellen Datlow, and twice in Damon Knight’s anthology series, Orbit.

Carol Carr: The Collected Writings brings together a wide range of her most engaging work: the five short stories she calls her oeuvrette, as well as poetry, fanzine articles, and appreciations of writers in and around the field of science fiction. It’s all lip-smacking good.

Excerpts from the book are available free here.

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story.]

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7 thoughts on “Carol Carr’s Collection

  1. I’ve already ordered my copy from the publisher. Really looking forward to getting it.

  2. Hint: For those without Paypal or living in countries where sending a US$ check isn’t an option — which are the publisher’s two payment choices — Carol’s book is also available on Amazon. (But the hardcover and eBook are currently only available from the publisher.)

  3. Ramble House may not have reported the hardcover ISBN to the US ISBN Agency – assuming they issued one to the hardcover. That’s one way hide a book from Amazon and other online retailers.

  4. I had the good fortune to be Carol Carr’s editor for this book. She is not only a witty and versatile writer, but a total pleasure to work with. I don’t toss around words like “brilliant” or “spectacular” very often, but they do apply to Carol Carr and to this book. We can only hope that she will write and publish more, but even if she doesn’t, THE COLLECTED WRITINGS is a gem all itself.

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