Cat Sleep on SFF: Zhukov

Fiona Moore relaunches our series with a celebration of a beloved cat:

As a long-time reader of Cats Sleep on SFF, I’d like to offer a contribution if I may. This is Zhukov, my much-missed Havana Brown cat who passed away in March at the too-young age of 12. Here he is in happier times, relaxing with a Doctor Who spinoff novel. It’s Lethbridge-Stewart: The Daughters of Earth by Sarah Groenewegen.

Photos of your felines (or whatever you’ve got!) resting on genre works are welcome. Send to mikeglyer (at) cs (dot) com

7 thoughts on “Cat Sleep on SFF: Zhukov

  1. I’m so sorry for your loss, Fiona. They make such big places in our hearts, and leave such big holes when they’re gone. ❤

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