Cats Sleep on SF: The Goblin Emperor

Today Hampus Eckerman helps launch the new File 770 feature he suggested, Cats Sleep on SF.

Hampus Eckerman says: “I cheated a bit, but he was sleepy. Vladimir Arkady Vasechkin sleeping on The Goblin Emperor.”

Photos of other felines napping on genre works are welcome.

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16 thoughts on “Cats Sleep on SF: The Goblin Emperor

  1. *iz ded of the cute*

    ++starts planning how to get one of the three SJW credentials in the vicinity of an SF book++

    We have one who sleeps on bookcases…….

  2. @Hampus Eckerman: LOL, oh my, you must go through a lot of TP! A couple I know used to put rubber bands around the toilet paper roll for this reason.

  3. Wow, must be a bengal cat with that patterns! – My cat sleeps EVERYWHERE, no matter how uncomfortable it may seem. Also on books.

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