Cats Sleep on SFF: Becoming Terran

Mark Roth-Whitworth introduces us to his cat of many names:

This is my Lord & Master, after a hard morning, relaxing with a good book (my new one). Everyone knows cats have several names, but he’s got more than usual. He came with the name Tico, which I didn’t think was formal enough, so I expanded it to Don (in the Spanish usage) Tico Smiley, which, if you abbreviate, last name first… you get Smilodon. Then, my ex added Velociraptor, seeing him open the basement door (which now has a latch on it). Then I added the last, he says, going up the steps… what?! There are paws around my ankle? No, they’re gone! So that made him the Cossack, the Terror of the Steps.

Photos of your felines (or whatever you’ve got!) resting on genre works are welcome. Send to mikeglyer (at) cs (dot) com

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5 thoughts on “Cats Sleep on SFF: Becoming Terran

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  2. Do NOT trust that cat.!

    Quite. Do not trust a cat that claims to be sleeping on Becoming Terran, which is just nearby, while actually sleeping on Into the Broken Lands.

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