Cats Sleep on SFF: Beyond Uhura

Anne Gray likes this book, and so do her cats:

I’m actually between SF lit books right now, and am instead in the middle of Nichelle Nichols’ autobiography, Beyond Uhura – Star Trek and Other Memories.

So far the main impression I’ve got is that her parents were amazing individuals. That and now I want to seek out other recordings of Nichelle, singing and dancing!

Here are two out of our three cats, hanging with the book. I was going to just get Skye with it leaning on her, but Candy really really wanted to be in the picture…

Photos of your felines (or whatever you’ve got!) resting on genre works are welcome. Send to mikeglyer (at) cs (dot) com

One thought on “Cats Sleep on SFF: Beyond Uhura

  1. The cats don´t sleep, but they are really pretty! I especially love grey-blue cats. And let us always remember Nichelle! She is my heroine!

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