Cats Sleep on SFF: Bryony and Roses

Jules Bertaut improves the mind of a visiting cat:

This is Slider, sleeping next to and washing on Oor Wombat’s Bryony and Roses.  She isn’t my cat, she belongs to a family friend (my lease is no pets, alas).  She’s so named because she enjoys dashing around and sliding on the wood floors.

Photos of other felines resting on genre works are welcome. Send to mikeglyer (at) cs (dot) com

7 thoughts on “Cats Sleep on SFF: Bryony and Roses

  1. Slider is a great name for a cat!

    (And the book is Bryony and Roses, I shall appertain away…)

  2. It took our dog a few days to move around our post-renovation hardwood floors with confidence (and 20 minutes to even get him to walk on them at first). Now we have some carpet runners I’m a lot happier throwing his toy around, as the last knee op was enough pain and stress thanks very much.
    Smooth cat!

  3. @Mark-kitteh

    (And the book is Bryony and Roses, I shall appertain away…)

    Although my heart leaps at the thought of Lord Byron, or perhaps his daughter Ava Lovelace, in a T. Kingfisher novel.

  4. I like how Jules has covered the couch with a blanket that is perfectly complementary to Slider’s color.

    I would also like to see Ada Lovelace in one of Oor Wombat’s books. Byron wouldn’t fit in.

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