Cats Sleep on SFF: Fevre Dream

Hampus Eckerman updates us about his pair of literary cats:

Sending picture of Sir Scrittles sleeping by George RR Martins ‘Fevre Dream’. But he seems kind of calm anyhow.

Bonus picture: Sir Scrittles and Nevyn fell asleep and woke up without any SFF. Look how disappointed they are!

Photos of other cats (or whatever you’ve got!) resting on genre works are welcome. Send to mikeglyer (at) cs (dot) com

12 thoughts on “Cats Sleep on SFF: Fevre Dream

  1. Sir Scrittles is the absolutely greatest cat I have owned to photograph. His facial expressions are totally hilarious, there’s always some new way he manages to look adorable, ridiculous or grumpy. Nevyn in the background has more of four standard expressions: sweet, focused, suspicious or sleepy.

    A mix here.

  2. Reading expressions into cat faces is fruitless. But if you want to try, look at the images on the bunnyfood website.

  3. Shame on you, Hampus, letting poor Sir Scrittles and Nevyn wake up without sf to read! They shall be filing a complaint with Cat Central!

    (Also, really cute. <3 )

  4. “Reading expressions into cat faces is fruitless.”

    You can read quite a lot from a cats face. Mostly a combination of the ears, the whiskers, the eyes and how the head is held. But also sometimes from if the jaw is slack or tense.

    On my old cat, you could see some of his mood on if his facial hair was fluffy or if it was flattened against the face.

  5. They are both adorable. Nevyn strongly resembles my girls Betty & Maggie in pattern, so naturally I respond strongly to his appearance. (My Pogo is a ginger blotch tabby and white. He is similar only in the pattern of white.) Those are good pics – it’s not easy to take pictures of black cats, particularly when there is also a pale one in the picture. (At least it wasn’t easy for me when I had a solid black cat, but I’m not much of a photographer.)

    It’s really sweet how good friends they seem to be. I wish mine were that close.

  6. Yeah, Nevyn has this Fuzzy Field that makes him hard to get good pictures of. I have come into the habit of always taking around 20-30 of him to hope I get a good one.

    And yes, they really are good friends. There was an enormous amount of hissing from Sir Scrittles when Nevyn arrived one week after Scrittles arrival, but Nevyn came from a cat home and before that from a home with 140 cats, so he barely noticed Sir Scrittles as more than an interesting thing with fun noises. But that lasted only one week, afterwards they were bestest or friends.

    This pictures shows Sir Scrittles attitude the first week.

  7. I had two cats who became best friends that way. My current oldest cat, Betty, arrived when she was eight months old, and Shadow, an all-black stub-tailed male, was the only cat in the house. His last companion had died some months earlier. Like Sir Scrittles, he hissed a bit at first, but they quickly became fast friends. Betty almost never sat in my lap unless Shadow was there and she really wanted to cuddle with him. She curled up with him a lot. Since he died, she has cuddled with me more, though she prefers me not to notice her until she is settled in. She doesn’t cuddle with Pogo, though they’re comfortable a couple of feet apart. Betty and Maggie hate each other, but keep it down to a dull roar these days. Poor Maggie should have been an only cat. She doesn’t like Pogo either, but Pogo doesn’t care, except if I’m late with supper, in which case he will attack them both impartially.

    I feel like that could have been shorter. Or longer….

  8. @Lenore Jones: No cat tale ever needs to be shorter, unless it’s about a Manx.

  9. Sir Scrittles and Nevyn are home with my brothers cats now. Seem to work well, even if one of them wants a bit of distance. As long as they are still kittens, it seems to work fine most of the time. One of my older cats had a larger problem. He and one of my brothers cat didn’t want to be bossed and didn’t want to fight. So they were always vary and uncomfortable around each other.

    When they were at my place, my cat was a clearer boss, so worked better then.

    Nevyn comes first from crazy cat lady with 140 cats and then from cat home, so he doesn’t care about other cats, keeps his distance and is just relaxed. Sir Scrittles is more pushy, but still knows when to keep away. He just sits some distance away and meeps desperately at them.

  10. @Patrick, Shadow might have been a Manx! He was born with that stub tail, about two inches long. I still miss him. He was boss cat, but so laid back most of the time, and he loved to curl up with me. He lived an amazingly long and happy life considering his ridiculous number of chronic conditions.

    @Hampus, meep! Aww, Sir Scrittles!

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