Cats Sleep on SFF: Oathbringer

Matt Y’s cats make a pillow from Brandon Sanderson’s Oathbringer. However, warns Matt, “Don’t let them fool you, I left the couch for like a minute and they stole my spot.”

The gray/white guy is Niko, the tan/white lady is Bella.

Photos of other felines napping on genre works are welcome. Send to mikeglyer (at) cs (dot) com

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16 thoughts on “Cats Sleep on SFF: Oathbringer

  1. JJ – Yeah I like to walk and read and that usually involves holding it with one hand. Not this brick.

    I don’t even know from where else in the house they came from but I got up to get something to drink and they were there when I got back. They do that all the time where they steal your spot and look like they’ve been sleeping for hours as though there’s some long game of musical chairs I’m not aware I’m a participant in.

  2. Nina: Yes, the aesthetic probably isn’t going to be strictly enforced.

    Eventually somebody’s going to send me a photo of goldfish in a bowl on top of an sf book and then I’ll really be tested. (For one thing, do goldfish sleep?)

  3. Most of the time if they’re on a book it’s when I’m trying to read it and they want attention or food or attention and food so they’re not very sleepy. My favorite is when a paw peeks over the top of a book to try and pull it down.

    He was snuggled with his shoulder against it so I figured that counted as on. That’s a library book so I’m glad it wasn’t under, Niko drools sometimes in his sleep.

  4. Do goldfish dream of aquatic sheep?

    I don’t have a cat to post any more, but for those wondering how to get their cred to sleep on that book, I’ll just suggest they sit on it themselves for a while, then get up to go the bathroom (at which point they can also pick up the camera). The rest should be self working.

  5. @Kip —

    If I go to the bathroom, the credentials tend to come with me. It’s one of the dogs who takes my warm spot.

    Since I do most of my reading by audio and occasionally ebook, would it count to take a pic asleep on top of phone or laptop?

  6. Contrarius, that tallies with the behavior of Frances, who always saw my potty time as a franchise in which she had an exclusive right to pets. If I did not give with them swiftly enough, she would rise up where my hand was and start it off herself.

  7. Yep mine also follow me to the bathroom to question why I’m not doing my business in a litter box like everyone else and hey while we’re in here maybe leave the faucet on a little bit when you’re finished washing your hands so I can drink from it.

  8. My brother used to have a cat you could trick. You could see him starting to walk to you, intent on sleeping on your current book or magazine. The trick was to turn around a bit and pretend to read something else. He would then lie down on that item. Then you could turn back to what you were originally reading. At that time, he had already invested prestige in laying down on one readable material and stayed on it.

  9. @Kip —

    “If I did not give with them swiftly enough, she would rise up where my hand was and start it off herself.”

    My toilet is adjacent to my bathroom counter. I tend to get bonked on the head or patted on the face a lot.

  10. Contrarius: They’re just looking for the ON button, which seems to be centered in the nearest bit of epidermis to where they happen to be standing. The large bit atop the shoulders seems particularly target-rich, in terms of how quickly it works.

  11. My cat likes to help me get dressed in the morning. I lay out the clothes on the bed preparatory to getting dressed and he immediately, inevitably, lies down on top of an article of clothing. I have taken to putting a decoy piece of clothing down, as per Hampus’ brother’s trick. Fortunately for me, Dante is not very bright and he falls for this about 80% of the time.

  12. @Cassy B: Well, it’s winter! I’m sure Dante’s just trying to warm up your clothes for you. He’s helping, as you say – trying to keep you from freezing to death!

    What’s that? It happens in warm weather, too? Hmm. . . . 😉

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