Cats Sleep on SFF: The Adjacent

Cliff writes:

I thought the Filers might enjoy this picture of our cat Crowley. She’s not yet asleep, but as you can see she is genre adjacent….

Photos of your felines resting on genre works are welcome. Send to mikeglyer (at) cs (dot) com

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13 thoughts on “Cats Sleep on SFF: The Adjacent

  1. Black cat + Christopher Priest = ::heart-shape::

    (though if I’m honest, I love all the cat–and even the people–photos)

  2. BTW not to be weird, but those sheets look groovy as well, not just the cat and the book. This photo has the whole package — cat, SFF materiall, and set design!

  3. Pretty much every morning, once she hears me wake up, she’ll come trotting along from wherever she spent the night, jump on the bed and lie on my lap, demanding scratches while I read the internet. Once it’s time for me to get up I’ll put my phone and glasses down at the bedside table, the sound of which will make her come alert and ready for breakfast. Or sometimes she just prefers to stay where she is: I scoop her in the blankets off my lap and then fold them over her for maximum coziness.

  4. From bits I’ve seen, I wouldn’t bother unless you’re a serious Priest fan; I like a number of his works, but I started either this or the related (IIUC) The Islanders and gave up less than a quarter of the way through.

  5. @Chip – unreliable? She told me she’s not responsible for the torn up shreds of toilet paper beaneath the bathroom dispenser. Who am I to disbelieve her?

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