Chengdu Worldcon Distributes First Progress Report

Members of the 2023 Worldcon are receiving emails with the convention’s first progress report attached.

You can also download a copy here.

The committee’s cover email recommends that Chengdu Worldcon members who don’t receive the email should take this step:

Finally, we recognize that it is possible that some people’s information got lost between Discon and now.  This mailing should be going to everyone who is a member of this Worldcon.  We will be publicizing the mailing on our social media accounts, but, if you know of anyone who believes they should be a member, and doesn’t receive this mailing, please let them know to contact us at [email protected] and we will try to resolve the problem.

However, bear in mind that it took most of a day for the recent Hugo update email to be fully distributed. Some time should be allowed for delivery before contacting the committee.

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13 thoughts on “Chengdu Worldcon Distributes First Progress Report

  1. “Better late than never,” was the first thing that came to my mind.

    Then again, the Chengdu committee is new to everything regarding Worldcons, so I’m not the least bit bothered that it took them this long to publish Progress Report #1.

  2. That’s interesting. Unlike the Hugo update, I wouldn’t have expected Chicon members who aren’t also Chengdu members to get this one.

  3. So is it the Chengdu Science Fiction Museum, as we’ve been told previously, or the Chengdu Science Museum? (I know it says it’s “a multi-functional comprehensive venue featuring science fiction, science and technology, and popularization of science.”)

    (I got my email by having voted in site selection in 2021.)

  4. Some points in the code of conduct could be explosive in Chinese territory:

    “Any acts of aggression, contempt, indifference … are unacceptable.” The inclusion of “indifference” is weird, but the ban on “contempt” can easily be used against unacceptable opinions. Likewise for “comments that belittle or demean others.” No criticism of Lukianenko! “Offensive images” and “costumes that are historically or otherwise offensive” can cover a lot too. There’s enough in the code for the con to kick out anyone who expresses politically unacceptable views. Other cons have had similar language, but they’re especially dangerous in this context.

    Also: “The convention reserves the right to amend these rules at any time sithout prior or posted notice.” So there can be rules no one was told about.

  5. Gary McGath: I hear what you’re saying, however, consider the last line in the recently updated Baltimore Science Fiction Society Code of Conduct:

    BSFS Reserves the Right to update this policy at any time and without notice.

    And when you compare the Code of Conduct in Chengdu’s PR#1 with the version originally shared as part of their bid documentation, this looks like it is an adaptation of an American document. Which I would speculate was done to address the criticisms of the earlier version. The new one is much better.

  6. Meredith P on February 21, 2023 at 7:20 am said:
    So is it the Chengdu Science Fiction Museum, as we’ve been told previously, or the Chengdu Science Museum?

    Since it is still under construction… who knows?

  7. Still haven’t received my progress report. WHich is odd, because I got the notice that Hugo nominations would be opening “soon”.

  8. I tried finding the construction site using Google Maps and Google Earth. This is when I found that China does not permit either one. Hmmm.

    Can I cosplay Winnie the Poo carrying a white balloon?

  9. Linda Robinett: Are you in China, or what? The building site (about 30.791947 N, 103.849418 E) is available without problems at my copy of'31.0%22N+103%C2%B050'57.9%22E/@30.7919444,103.8494167,653m/data=!3m2!1e3!4b1!4m4!3m3!8m2!3d30.7919444!4d103.8494167
    Fun fact: is somewhat older (no idea how much) and still shows some greenery around, and the foundations of demolished earlier buildings.

    Meredith P: Well, the CD-WC site does say “Chengdu Science Museum ?Tentative Name)” but I would chalk it up to other problems they have and trust the architects’ office.

  10. Regarding the Balticon code of conduct, I’m not impressed with a con that adds rules on the spot like “People can be yanked out of program items and subjected to vague accusations,” as Balticon did with Stephanie Burke.

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