Chengdu Worldcon Says Hugo Nomination Page Back Online

The Chengdu Worldcon announced on Facebook today that “the 2023 Hugo nomination page has resumed to work.”

Last week members received an email from the committee informing them that “the functionalities are under upgrading,” which according to the experience of someone trying to cast a vote evidently meant the system had been taken offline for this purpose.

 The complete Facebook announcement reads:

After functional and technical upgrades, the 2023 Hugo nomination page has resumed to work. Some upgrades of the official website are still under final test. Please visit the following site to nominate the works or authors that you like, and you can also make changes of your previous records there. For any inquiry, please contact us at [email protected]

2023 Hugo Awards nomination page:

Members have until April 30 to cast a nominating ballot.

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18 thoughts on “Chengdu Worldcon Says Hugo Nomination Page Back Online

  1. Got this notice, although not the previous one that said the page was offline.

    Given the sporadic nature of the emails from Chengdu (whether due to overzealous spam-filters upstream of my computer or to failures by the concom, it’s impossible for me to know) I’m very grateful to File770 for the updates.

  2. I filled out the first draft of my ballot (I always revise and add and revise and add until the deadline!) and I notice that the email confirmation doesn’t list my Best Dramatic Presentation nominees, either short- or long-form.

    Anyone else notice this?

  3. Mm one quick comment re anyone going to Chengdu (I’m not: tho’ as prev mentioned, I was there in 2015, at their cost/invitation: to talk then re Worldcons). Do NOT bring with you (as I didnt then), if possible, your usual work or personal mobile phones and/or laptops. Data thereon (if ye use them whilst there) may be compromised. Instead (and I’ve relayed this previously), bring instead a blank one of each. Oh and also beware of USBs: they, as well as carrying data re whatever, may also have subroutines which, again, may transmit your data to unauthorised players. Best wishes and as they say in The Prisoner: BCNU!!

  4. Oh, I jumped the gun thinking the page was ready. Will nominate away. This ought to be interesting if works that are unavailable in the USA for example are nominated.

  5. @glc, I was able to update my nominations last night. For what it’s worth, I used the Firefox browser, put in my email address, and got my membership number and a token emailed back within a minute or so; added the membership number and token and was able to nominate, with an email confirmation.

    Don’t know if the browser makes a difference, but it’s a data point for you. Good luck!

  6. It’s interesting. I usually use Chrome but I had tried Firefox when that didn’t work. It just times out (still). So far I’ve used a Mac, a phone, and an iPad. I haven’t been able to connect to the site at all. Also via direct ping (with an occasional response). At the same time the “is-it-down” sites report the server is up. The next step I suppose is to try someone else’s wifi.

  7. P.S. Also works for my daughter in another state. Maybe there is something off with my DNS – it’s trying to go to and timing out. Could be the wrong address, I suppose.

    Anyway I’ll stop diagnosing and hope for the best from another location.

  8. I too was having problems accessing the website for nominating, regardless of browser/device (I’m in the eastern US). But I was finally able to access it and fill out my ballot using Opera with the free VPN set to Asia.

  9. Mairi: That’s a solution, thanks. Installed Opera on the laptop, set the VPN to Asia, and the problem goes away. I’m also on the East Coast (specifically, Verizon, which may also be relevant). My next door neighbor tried on his own wifi, equally blocked. I have not seen any chatter about this on the web, and I wonder how widespread the issue is.

  10. tl;dr – I can’t log in either. And I know of at least two former nominees who are themselves professional editors (and presumably people whose input is extra-valuable) who are also getting locked out.

    The password I had saved to my system was rejected, and when I finally figured out how to ask it for a password reset, it sent me a temporary code and warned me it would expire in 30 minutes. I used it within 5 minutes of receipt – and it got rejected for being expired.

    And now I can’t find a page that will send me a new code. Every time I think I’ve found the path, it takes me to a page trying to sell me a new membership.

    Meanwhile, the deadline for Hugo nominations is Sunday.

  11. In my case, installing the Opera browser, enabling the VPN built in to the browser, and clicking the VPN setting to choose “Asia” gave me access to the site (for the first time)
    There I saw a longin form with three entries.

    At that point, entering my email address as the first entry produced an email from [email protected] with subject “login” and the remaining two entries in the format “membership number => checkcode” (XXXXXX => YYYYY). Entered in Opera and nominated smoothly.

    We may have completely different issues. I could access other sites in my usual browser, but not the specific url needed to get to the login page.

    Presumably any VPN with an Asian setting will work as far as this issue is concerned. The point of Opera is that the VPN is built in.

    Note: My login information for the Hugo nominations did not include a 30 minute expiration notice. You may be trying to log in on a different page. All I needed, once I reached, was my email address. The credentials needed for the form were then supplied to me.

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