Chicon 8 Announces Full Program Schedule

Chicon 8, the 2022 World Science Fiction Convention has announced its full program and events schedule. This can be found online at

The full program includes 1,386 scheduled items and activities, with over 750 individual participants from across the speculative fiction field and beyond. Writers, editors, artists, musicians, scientists, social and cultural critics and historians, academics, and fans from across the world are all represented.

From the outset, Chicon 8 has stated its commitment to delivering an engaging, stimulating and inclusive program, prioritizing the participation of underrepresented voices from within the wider speculative fiction community, including Black, Indigenous, and People of Color. They will also to highlight Chicago-area participants, and we have embraced the tapestry of communities that overlap with and are adjacent to Worldcon.

The panels, talks, and interviews are supplemented by workshops, demonstrations and the major events such as the traditional Hugo Award Ceremony and Masquerade. Chicon 8 will present two new plays by Chicago’s own Möbius Theatre and a wide range of musical performances.

Building on the lessons learned during the Covid-19 pandemic, the program also includes substantial virtual elements, allowing fans from around the world to participate in Chicon 8 and turning the event into a truly global celebration of the science fiction genre. Up to 6 parallel streams of exclusive virtual content will be offered during peak hours, in addition to up to 4 livestreams from the physical convention. In total, no less than 327 program items and activities will be available to virtual attendees.

Full Attending Memberships to Chicon 8 are available at  Single Day Admissions will be available for purchase on the door, with peak day prices of $80 for Adults, $50 for Adults attending their first Worldcon, and just $20-40 for fans aged 24 or under, depending on age.

Virtual Attending Memberships for the full five days of the convention cost $80 for new members, or just $30 as an upgrade for those who already hold a Supporting Membership in the event.

[Based on a press release.]

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