Chicon 8 Names Some of the People Who Will Be on the Program

Chicon 8 today released an initial list of 118 confirmed Program Participants.

They are in addition to the Guests of Honor Erle Korshak (who died on August 25, 2021, but will still be honored at the convention), Floyd Norman, Joe Siclari, and Edie Stern; Toastmasters Charlie Jane Anders and Annalee Newitz; and Special Guests Dr. Eve L. Ewing, Gene Ha, and Eric Wilkerson.

The list distinguishes some people who will only be doing in-person panels, and some others who will only be part of the virtual program.

More names will be added as they are confirmed continuing up until the convention.

Confirmed Panelists

Scott H. Andrews onsite only
Catherine Asaro
Ali Baker
Chris M. Barkley  
Liz Batty  
Peter Adrian Behravesh  
Gautam Bhatia virtual only
Casella Brookins onsite only
Alex Brown virtual only
Jennifer Brozek virtual only
Cora Buhlert virtual only
Sue Burke  
Pat Cadigan onsite only
James L. Cambias  
Becky Chambers
Wesley Chu onsite only
Neil Clarke onsite only
John Coxon virtual only
Vida Cruz virtual only
Ellen Datlow onsite only
Suyi Davies Okungbowa virtual only
Randee Dawn  
Vincent Di Fate
S.B. Divya onsite only
Vincent Docherty  
Shaun Duke
Meg Elison onsite only
Lorelei Esther onsite only
Sara Felix onsite only
Grace Fong virtual only
Terry Gant  
Chris Garcia virtual only
Laura Anne Gilman  
Jen Gunnels
Joe Haldeman onsite only
Gay Haldeman onsite only
Frances Hardinge virtual only
Jed Hartman  
Ariela Housman  
José Pablo Iriarte onsite only
Bitter Karella  
Diane Kelly onsite only
Marguerite Kenner virtual only
Benjamin C. Kinney onsite only
Marcin ‘Alqua’ Klak virtual only
Mary Robinette Kowal  
Naomi Kritzer onsite only
Mur Lafferty
Geoffrey A. Landis onsite only
Oriana Leckert  
Fonda Lee onsite only
L. D. Lewis
Darcie Little Badger virtual only
Eddie Louise  
Dr. Bradford Lyau  
Maurizio Manzieri onsite only
Gideon Marcus onsite only
Marshall Ryan Maresca onsite only
Freya Marske virtual only
Arkady Martine  
Seanan McGuire onsite only
Foz Meadows onsite only
Farah Mendlesohn virtual only
Rowenna Miller onsite only
Helen Montgomery onsite only
Cheryl Morgan virtual only
Cass Morris onsite only
Andrew Nette virtual only
Alec Nevala-Lee
Brandon O’Brien  
Hannah Onoguwe virtual only
Ada Palmer
Suzanne Palmer onsite only
Charles Payseur  
Tamora Pierce  
Sarah Pinsker
Gillian Polack virtual only
C. L. Polk virtual only
Jennifer Rhorer virtual only
Rebecca Roanhorse  
Olav Rokne  
Sumiko Saulson virtual only
John Scalzi onsite only
Isabel Schechter  
Lawrence M. Schoen onsite only
Alison Scott  
Nibedita Sen
Chuck Serface onsite only
Alex Shvartsman onsite only
Renée onsite only
Steven H Silver onsite only
Elsa Sjunneson  
Priya Sridhar  
Emily St. James onsite only
Raven Stern  
Jonathan Strahan onsite only
Charlie Stross
K.M. Szpara onsite only
Wole Talabi virtual only
Kat Tanaka Okopnik  
Takayuki Tatsumi onsite only
Lynne M Thomas onsite only
Sheree Renée Thomas  
Michi Trota
Valerie Valdes virtual only
Jo Walton onsite only
LaShawn M. Wanak  
Paul Weimer  
Martha Wells
Fran Wilde onsite only
Sheila Williams onsite only
Alyssa Winans  
John Wiswell  
Navah Wolfe virtual only
Gary K Wolfe onsite only
Khan Wong onsite only
Caroline M. Yoachim onsite only
E. Lily Yu onsite only

8 thoughts on “Chicon 8 Names Some of the People Who Will Be on the Program

  1. Now I am even more curious about Olav Rokne and more likely to attend his panels

  2. Suzle and I are not on the list; we filled out the forms, but only opted for fan-type program items (fan history, fanzines, con running).

  3. I understand why George and Parris aren’t on the list, but I’ll miss seeing them.

  4. I hope they set up some rooms with screens so people on-site can easily view the virtual program without having to either retreat to their rooms, or pore over their smart phones in the public areas.

  5. Like Jerry Kaufman, I filled out the form, went through all the stuff they wanted, then eventually they said they didn’t want me. I’ll be there anyway.

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