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I am Cider, Lis Carey’s service dog. I work hard and get paid decent, and some that pay, of course, is in treats. I was a little surprised, though, to get an email from Cat Eldridge, relaying a request from Our Gracious Host, Mike Glyer, asking me to review one of my favorites, Greenies Blueberry Flavor Dental Treats for dogs.

 The first thing you should know is, despite the name, they’re not blue, and not shaped like berries. Lis says the berries used in them are blue, but hoomans don’t think food should be blue, so there you are.

The shape is kind of like a little toothbrush, about which more later.

The big thing is the taste. They taste really good, with a flavor I don’t get in other food. I guess that’s the Blueberry. Then, the texture. It’s chewy and crunchy, which makes it fun to eat. It’s not very big—I eat the Teenie size because I’m a small dog, but they have bigger sizes. Much bigger, for those poor dogs that suffer from gigantism.

Now the toothbrush thing. I said these are “dental treats.” Chewing them regularly, in addition to tasting good and being fun, they help keep my teeth clean! Which means I don’t need dental cleanings very often! That’s good because a dental cleaning means going to the veterinarian, and they make you sleep. And when they do that, who knows how many sharp pokes they might give? I mean, I like Dr. Julie and all, but she is way too fond of poking me!

I also want you to know that the cat members of your families are not forgotten. Greenies has dental treats for kitties, too. They come in funny flavors like catnip and tuna, but Lis says those flavors are pretty popular with cats.

So that’s my review. I hope you enjoy it. I’m supposed to say the treats were a gift, but I’ll have you know I earned those treats, working hard for Lis!

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8 thoughts on “Cider’s Blueberry Greenies Treats Reviews

  1. Our late dog Spike loved those. He wouldn’t eat them all at once. He’d grab it from our hand and run off. Later we found his stash of them. He’d hide them and gradually have them later.

  2. Spike plans for the future. My cousin Quigley does that. I trust Lis–but verify she’s keeping the official stash well stocked!–Cider

  3. Our dog loved these and they really did keep her teeth clean.
    The cats like them too.

    Two important points: they are expensive but they can save you an even more expensive pet dental bill.

    Secondly, they get stale. If you buy in quantity, they cost less, but you need to store them air-tight. Thus, decant a few at a time into a tightly sealed jar for dispensing and keep the rest inside a tightly sealed jar that you keep cool, dry, and in the dark. The package the Greenies come in is inadequate for keeping them airtight.

  4. Teresa Peschel wrote:
    “The package the Greenies come in is inadequate for keeping them airtight.”
    Also, if you get the salmon-flavored Greenies for your cats, the package is inadequate for keeping your credentials from biting and clawing it to shreds. Store your/their Greenies in a heavy duty locking box with a brick on it.
    Ask me how i know this…

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