Clarkesworld 2020 Reader’s Poll Finalists

Editor Neil Clarke has announced the finalists for the 2020 Clarkesworld Magazine Reader’s Poll for best story and cover art.  

Clarke commented, “This year, it seemed clear from the start that a small group of works were destined to become finalists, but as the deadline approached the border blurred. At the buzzer, six stories tied for fifth place. Voters clearly felt passionately about these works, so it seems only fair to include them all as finalists, as a tie-breaker just didn’t seem fair. They are worthy contenders, after all.”

The public is invited to pick the winners. Go to:

Voting will close on February 15 at 8:00 p.m. Eastern. The winners will be announced in Clarkesworld’s March issue.

(Incidentally, the reasons finalist “Helicopter Story” is not available online are discussed here: “Clarkesworld Removes Isabel Fall’s Story”.)

Best Story

Best Cover Art

Alien scout
“Alien Scout” by Arjun Amky (November)

Home Planet
“Home Planet” by Beeple (April)

“Monk’s Mirror” by Joseph Diaz (August)

Family Portrait
“Family Portrait” by Yigit Koroglu (July)

Ancient Stones
“Ancient Stones” by Francesca Resta (October)

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