Classic Mimosa Issue Added to Website

Rich Lynch has unveiled Mimosa 9, the December 1990 issue, in a web-readable format. Despite my frequent use of the superb Mimosa website for fanhistorical research I hadn’t realized that the entire run of the zine has yet to be posted. So I’m happy to see that #9 has been added. All but the first eight issues are now available.

Rich reminds everyone:

As usual there’s plenty of fan history in that issue, including an article by Dave Kyle that provides some background to the fannish phrase “Dave Kyle says you can’t sit here” and a long letter from Alexis Gilliland about 1960s fan publisher Don Miller.  Nicki and I also have a report of our trip “Across Europe on Rail and Plastic” for the 1990 Worldcon, and the issue also contains the great Bob Shaw’s last Serious Scientific Speech “Corn is the Lowest Form of Wheat” and a collection of poems (of many different forms) by Australian fan Dave Luckett.  In addition, the letters column includes correspondence from Harry Warner, Buck Coulson, Terry Jeeves, Mike Glicksohn, rich brown, and Joseph Nicholas, among others, and the covers are by the late Joe Mayhew.

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5 thoughts on “Classic Mimosa Issue Added to Website

  1. When I toured the Universal Studios sets of the original Battlestar Galactica in December 1978 I got to wander around the Galactica bridge set by myself. Because people want to sit in the command chair on sets like that, then play with the buttons and break them (it’s been the same on all the various Star Trek bridges), there was an hand-printed, A-folded sign on the seat which said in all capitals “DON’T SIT HERE!”

    What does it say about me that this immediately translated in my mind to “Commander Adama says you can’t sit here.”?

  2. Taral, I’ll be happy to send you email copies of whatever it is you’re having trouble with as regards Mimosa 10.

    I’d suggest it’s possible your problem might perhaps lie with your browser or elsewhere and otherwise than with the HTML Richard and Nikki Lynch have used, which causes no problem whatever in my ability to copy it in any number of formats, send it on as an attachment, transfer it into endless numbers of other formats, and so on, except that I doubt you’d be interested in any such suggestion from me.

    Nonetheless, if you’d like me to email you copies of any pages, or the whole issue, since that would take me about a minute, please do ask. I’d be happy to help with whatever problem you have that takes me a minute to help you with.

    I’d even spend more time, if you’d welcome that, as my own time allows.

    Just offering.

  3. Sheesh, I meant issue 9, of course. And what a great issue it is!

    Just like all the other issues of Mimosa. Fantastic to get that one up where everyone who wants to can read it, link to it, and do all the other things possible with digital bits.

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