254 thoughts on “Commentriggers 8/29

  1. @Kendall,

    considering how much filers like to conform, shouldn’t that be “the odd ways are best”?

  2. @steve davidson: Not that it especially matters which bunch of attention-seeking cretins it was, but it was National Socialist Party of America rather than the Klan, and they eventually left Skokie alone because they got a permit for a march with a bigger audience in nearby Chicago. (Cue clip of Jake Blues saying ‘I hate Illinois Nazis’, and then doing himself proud with the Bluesmobile.)

    I’d recently joined the ACLU (having turned 18) just in time to watch the organisation lose half its membership over this traumatic court case, that was, nonetheless, a clear application of freedom of assembly and speech rights in public (in which category MACII of course did not qualify) even for the unspeakable, as per 1969 leading USSC decision Brandenburg v. Ohio, 395 U.S. 444 (which was a Klan case).

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