Conan Returns in January

This January, Jason Aaron, Mahmud Asrar, and Esad Ribic will bring Conan back to Marvel in the all-new series Conan the Barbarian #1. To celebrate Conan’s triumphant return, Marvel is releasing a series of variant covers showcasing the sword-slashing hero with a series of variant covers showcasing Conan facing off against some of Marvel’s most important heroes – and villains. Here are some examples —

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2 thoughts on “Conan Returns in January

  1. I’m looking forward to this. I recently read the Aaron/Ribic Thor and was impressed.

    In the meantime, the Dark Horse Conan Omnibus vol. 1 (written by a familiar name around these parts) is only £1.49 on Kindle, which is fantastic value.

  2. As big a Conan fan as I am, I have to admit he’s outgunned by most of those opponents. He did beat Captain America in a fair fight in What If? #43, though.

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