Context Board Reported Dissolved

Steven Saus announced in his December 1 post “A Short (but significant) Update About Context”

I learned late last night that the board met and dissolved itself. The convention is starting over, with last year’s Con Chairs (who were not part of the resistance I experienced)….
I am uncertain what, if any, role I will personally have at this point.

He says, “This change resolves the concerns that led to my resignation.”

1 thought on “Context Board Reported Dissolved

  1. I find this kind of thing fascinating… and perplexing. Look you, Fandom Convention Commities are not set up for, or qualified (IMHO), for the task of Judicially acting on accusations of anything as vague as “Harrassment”, I wish this new ConCom the best of luck, but am reasonably certian they’ll fail dismally… as is built-in with something as amorphous as this.

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