Corflu on the Fly, Part Virtual

Peter Sullivan announces: There is an almost-full transcript of the Corflu Silver Virtual Con Suite, from the morning of Friday 25th to the evening of Sunday 27th. This is stitched together from the transcripts that both Geri Sullivan and Peter Sullivan kept over the weekend.

It would probably be unfair, from a privacy point of view, to post the transcript on a web-page or other publicly-accessible places. But if any fan wants a copy, they can e-mail Peter at peter “at”

The transcript is almost 70,000 words (424k) and, as with most chat-rooms, people talk (or type!) over each other in places. “But there’s a lot of interesting fannish discussion and humour (intentional or otherwise!), so worth a read.  But then, I would say that, wouldn’t I?” concludes Peter. 

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