Corflu Cobalt Videos

Peter Sullivan has posted links to videos of Corflu Cobalt’s online webcasts of two major program items:

Earl Kemp interview at Corflu Cobalt – Bill Burns interviews Earl Kemp about his life, his work and his time in Science Fiction Fandom. (Lighting is very dark due to slide show, but audio is listenable)

Radio Play: The Adventures of Pat and the Electric Motorman – A ‘radio play’ performed live at Corflu Cobalt, 20th March 2010. Written by the InTheBar mailing list.

Corflu is happening in Winchester, England this weekend.

Eastercon’s Corflu-style Videostream

Says Peter Sullivan, alert the media! “Steve Green (‘for TAFF’) and I will be attempting to do the first(?) live video streaming from a British convention, following on from the successful video streams from Corflu this year and last. Because this is still an experiment, in both a technical and ‘nettiquette’ sense, we won’t be doing 24/7 video streaming, but will be covering a selection of panels and other events going on over the weekend. The video stream itself will be at  and details of our (hopefully evolving) schedule will be at”

Corflu on the Fly, Part Virtual

Peter Sullivan announces: There is an almost-full transcript of the Corflu Silver Virtual Con Suite, from the morning of Friday 25th to the evening of Sunday 27th. This is stitched together from the transcripts that both Geri Sullivan and Peter Sullivan kept over the weekend.

It would probably be unfair, from a privacy point of view, to post the transcript on a web-page or other publicly-accessible places. But if any fan wants a copy, they can e-mail Peter at peter “at”

The transcript is almost 70,000 words (424k) and, as with most chat-rooms, people talk (or type!) over each other in places. “But there’s a lot of interesting fannish discussion and humour (intentional or otherwise!), so worth a read.  But then, I would say that, wouldn’t I?” concludes Peter. 

Corflu Silver D-Day, H-Hour Almost Here

Peter Sullivan reminds people who want to be at Corflu but can’t that they may be able to find updates about the con at the Corflu LiveJournal community. There’s also going to be a video feed/chatroom at

The Program Book is online. The Corflu Silver Kick-off Party starts tonight (Thursday, 4/24) at 7 p.m. in the consuite. It’s also the Vegrants’ meeting.

Things continue informally all day Friday — in the consuites, out hiking with Ken Forman, and in the meeting room. The Official Opening takes place in the Turf Club at 7 p.m. Although the lure of Vegas ought to be enough to keep fans up late, Marty Cantor’s Chocolate Fantasy at Midnight in the Main Consuite will make sure everybody’s sugared and caffinated far into the night…