Craig Miller’s Middle Eastern Project

Majid Kids TV is a new channel from the United Arab Emirates, and Craig Miller has developed two animated series for them, supervising the writing, and he wrote a half-hour special they used to announce the channel.

A sample video from Majid, about a teenage boy who travels around the world and solves mysteries, has been posted to YouTube.

It begins with a montage of scenes from scripts by Shaene Siders and Jeremiah Smith, and a full episode written by Genny Dazzo.

All the dialog is in Arabic.

4 thoughts on “Craig Miller’s Middle Eastern Project

  1. If Craig spends any time in the UAE while working on this project, maybe he can make a quick side trip to Qatar, to consult with the local fandom there about their 2022 Worldcon bid.

  2. That was interesting.

    I haven’t watched much recent animation and my eyes are not accustomed to it yet. It was interesting to see classic cel-animation style drawing but computerized movement.

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