2 thoughts on “Dan Steffan’s New Website

  1. Nice to have some choice files of Dan’s work for the hard drive. Is this another one of those sites like Blogger where you get free web space, but people have to join to interact with you? I hope Dan has better luck than I did — though I may have been expecting too much.

  2. First of all, thanks, Mike, for posting this announcement and the link to my web page. I appreciate it and hope folks find it entertaining.

    To Taral, my reply is that one does have to join tumblr to interact, but it is free and it takes almost no time and once he’s done that he can communicate and have a free page to post his own artwork, if he so chooses. For the time being tumblr was the easiest way for me to get my artwork on the web. To my experience, tumblr is an excellent site for viewing eye candy and that doesn’t even require a membership.

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