Daniel Dern’s Monday Dublin 2019 Photos

The Harp Bridge as seen from the CCD

More of Daniel Dern’s photos follow the jump.

Yes, a real De Lorean but not THE De Lorean

Dern and yet another filing Filer

Daniel Dern and Rich Lynch

Scott Edelman proffering the non fantastic to Locus

Panel: Humorous fantasy

Ju Honisch, Randee Dawn, Ellen Klages, Ginjer Buchanan, Angus Watson

Spider Robinson sez hi

Spider Robinson

Another dubious Dern shot

Panel: GRRM, the Irish connection

Parris McBride

Spider on concert

The Library Bards in concert

Audience at Closing Ceremonies

James Bacon at Closing Ceremonies

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2 thoughts on “Daniel Dern’s Monday Dublin 2019 Photos

  1. Wow, my Closing Ceremony pix are up… Guess Mike is awake! ( I’ll see if I can send some video of the torch passing later)

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