David Fisher (1929-2018)

David Fisher

By Steve Green: David Fisher, a British writer who scripted four Doctor Who serials, died January 10, aged 88.

He wrote “The Stones of Blood” and “The Androids of Tara”, both 1978; “The Creature from the Pit”, 1979; “The Leisure Hive”, 1980, and produced the original storyline for 1979’s “The City of Death” (rewritten by Douglas Adams under the pseudonym “David Agnew”).

Other genre work included one episode of Hammer House of Horror (“Guardian of the Abyss”, 1980) and two of Fox Mystery Theater (“The Corvini Inheritance” and “The Late Nancy Irving”, both 1984).

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4 thoughts on “David Fisher (1929-2018)

  1. The Leisure Hive Was an Ace and The Seventh Doctor serial. It’s, errr, very Seventies looking. And by means one of the better scripts written. BBC wasn’t at its best with many of the Who scripts when it came to that time.

  2. @Cat Eldridge: err… The Leisure Hive was a Fourth Doctor story – Fourth Doctor and Second Romana, in fact. It was the first story in the season 18, and the first one with John Nathan-Turner as producer (he made some significant format changes, starting with this one.)

    Not sure which Seventh Doctor story you’re thinking of – The Happiness Patrol, maybe?

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