David Gemmell Awards
Are Terminated

The David Gemmell Awards for Fantasy website today announced the closing of the awards after a ten-year run:

With a lack of suitable volunteers to take on current committee roles, and insufficient manpower to deliver the wide range of tasks involved, the present team has been left with no choice but to wind up the awards.

There were three Gemmell awards, the Legend for the year’s best fantasy novel, the Morningstar for the year’s best debut in fantasy fiction, and Ravenheart for the creator of the year’s best fantasy book cover art. The winners were chosen by open public vote.

Departing Gemmell Awards Chair Stan Nicholls said: “This is a decision that has not been taken lightly, and indeed is one that myself and my committee members make with a heavy heart. It was always important to us to do things to a high standard, and in the current situation I don’t think that we could deliver something befitting the reputation the Gemmell Awards has. I hope that the awards will be remembered for the good work they have done in supporting and championing the cause of fantasy fiction over the last ten years, and that we’ve left a legacy behind that people can look at fondly in years to come.”

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8 thoughts on “David Gemmell Awards
Are Terminated

  1. Are there any other awards honoring best cover art in fantasy or SF? The Ravenheart seems like the award most likely to be missed.

  2. What a shame. The loss of these awards is a sad day for genre. I send my thanks to Nicholls and the rest of the people whose hard work produced these awards for 10 years.

  3. @rcade:
    The Chesley Awards, awarded by ASFA (Association of Science Fiction & Fantasy Artists), have 3 categories for best cover art (hardcover, PB, magazine).

    ASFA membership is open to collectors and fans, as well as to professionals in the field (http://www.asfa-art.org/).

  4. Very sad to see these awards end
    Thanks to everyone who’s given their time to them.

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