Denise Dutton Review: Folkmanis Baby Dutch Rabbit Puppet

Review by Denise Kitashima Dutton: Unlike Buffy the Vampire Slayer’s Anya, I absolutely adore bunnies. Tiny widdle noses, adorable fluffy tails. The look they always seem to have, as though they’ve judged you and found you wanting…but they’re cool with you anyway. Bunnies are fantastic. So when this little fluffball dropped into my lap, it was love at first sight. 

Speaking of sight, if this cutie looks familiar to you, you probably watch the Academy Awards on the regular. Because this puppet took the stage with Melissa McCarthy, in her fun, over-the-top cosplay of The Favorite during 2019’s show. And my little guy looks exactly like the one who stole the show that evening. Well okay; I’m a bit biased, but mine is cuter. Something in the eyes, perhaps. A soulful wisdom? Okay, sure.

Folkmanis never skimps on the craftsmanship of their puppets, and this baby rabbit is sturdily stitched, with beautiful furred fabric and shiny large-pupilled eyes. There’s grey velvet lining the ears that I can’t seem to stop touching; I’m a sucker for velvet. The fur is soft, with parts that have a nice brindle/ look to it. The other color is a nice cream, and for the life of me it looks like this little guy is gonna go full Velveteen and turn real at any moment.

But the most important part? He’s absolutely the best dancer. He can dab!  He can waltz!  He can shimmy! And it’s so much fun popping him onto my hand and letting him go wild with his bad self. Yes, he’s adorable, but a puppet wouldn’t be so great if he wasn’t fun to play with. And this little guy is a blast. Dig bunnies? Hop to it and grab yourself one. Not mine though. You can’t have him.

Denise Kitashima Dutton has been a reviewer since 2003, and hopes to get the hang of things any moment now. She believes that bluegrass is not hell in music form, and that beer is better when it’s a nitro pour. Besides GMR, you can find her at Atomic, or at that end seat at the bar, multi-tasking with her Kindle.

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