Detcon1 Masquerade Results

Provided by John Hertz:

Masquerade Results
Detcon, the 11th NASFiC
Renaissance Center Marriott Hotel, Detroit, Michigan
July 19, 2014

Masquerade Director: Sandy Manning
Master of Ceremonies: Tom Smith

Judges: Lisa Deutsch Harrigan, John Hertz, Chris O’Halloran
Workmanship Judge: Cathryn Schaff-Stump

Best in Show
also a Workmanship Award
“A Glamorous Evening of Galactic Domination” (Original, Novice)
Jennifer Skwarski

Master Class

Best in Class
also a Workmanship Award
“Conflict in the Court of Jewels” (Original)
Sally Fink, Pierre & Sandy Pettinger

An Officer and a Gentlewoman
“Kara ‘Starbuck’ Thrace” (Re-creation)
Suzette Marriott

Most Deceptively Charming
“Gaius Baltar”(Re-creation)
Suzette Marriott, Scott Thom

Journeyman Class

Best Motown Entry
“Angels Take Motown”(Re-creation)
Sharon & Hall Bass, Janine & John Wardale

Novice Class

Best in Class
“And All She Saw Was Snow”(Re-creation)
Liz Decolvenaere, Isaac Shaff

Most Stealthy
Llz Decolvenaere, Jen Greco

Young Fan Class

Best Re-Creation, Animé
“No Face”
Lisa & Alida Shears

Best Re-Creation, Film
“Russell and Mr.Frederickson on the Hunt”
Grant & Doug Johnson