Device Gallery

Electrolux Deathray by Greg Brotherton

Via ConDor’s programming czar James Hay I learned about the incredible Device Gallery in La Jolla, CA which “specializes in 3D art, most of which is pretty much SF, particularly Steampunkish or Retro Future, in appearance.”

The gallery was co-founded by the creator of the “Electrolux Deathray” (above), artist Greg Brotherton:

His interest in the mechanical surfaced at age five, when he began disassembling anything with screws in it. By the age of twelve he had taught himself to mine his backyard with homemade explosives (no injuries!). Then, after being successfully ejected from a series of public and private learning institutions, Greg, equivalency test in hand, entered the Colorado Academy of Art, beginning his undergraduate studies at sixteen.

A fannish fellow if there ever was one! 

The Device Gallery has hosted a whole flock of artists, and many impressive examples of their work can be viewed online.

Below: Paul Loughridge’s “Roboskater.”


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