Did You Shoot Taral?

Taral Wayne is looking for photos from Anticpation that show him. This year’s Fan Guest of Honor hopes you will help him fill in his digital scrapbook: “I have virtually no record of my part in the program because I was busy being in it.” Photos can be e-mailed to: Taral (at) teksavvy (dot) com

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3 thoughts on “Did You Shoot Taral?

  1. I’ve done some searching myself, going through one FaceButt album of photos after another. So far the only thing I’ve discovered is that appearances of Fan GoH was evidently the least photographed event at the Worldcon this year. I saw more photograps of the convention center’s escalators…

  2. At this point I think I’ve managed to download enough photos not only of myself, but also of Anticipation. The most single photographed thing at the con seems to have been what people were eating for dinner.

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