DisCon III Reports Four More Test Positive

DisCon III, the 2021 Worldcon held last weekend in Washington D.C., emailed members today about four more individuals who have tested positive for Covid. Anyone with questions or concerns is asked to contect [email protected]. (Cases A through E are discussed in yesterday’s post “DisCon III Covid Update”.)

December 22, 2021 update

Case F & G – Married couple, one partner named with permission, John Skylar

  • Both reported a positive rapid test on Wednesday [Today]
  • Both are mildly symptomatic
  • Masked at all times in public areas except while dining and briefly at the Chengdu, Glasgow & Winnipeg parties while drinking
  • Full details of their movements can be found on this Twitter thread: https://twitter.com/JohnSkylar/status/1473670010149167110?s=20

Case H

  • Reported a positive PCR test on Wednesday [Today]
  • Staying off-site
  • Mild symptoms
  • Masked at all times unless specified otherwise
  • Attended the “Horror in Folklore Throughout the World” panel, as well as several concerts in the Empire Ballroom (Sara Henya, Seanan Maguire, and a few others they don’t recall).
  • Attended the Gamer Symphony Orchestra concert, staying in the middle/back section all the way on the left.
  • Made a few stops to the Con Suite.
  • Went to several room parties very briefly, remaining masked the entire time – except for the China party, where they briefly unmasked on the balcony.
  • Walked the dealers room several times, and the art auction a few times as well.
  • Dined unmasked at the Indian place across the street, Rajaji, for brunch on Friday. Also ate unmasked at the Gourmand Grill for brunch Saturday and Sunday.

Case I

  • Tested positive on Wednesday [Today]
  • Mild symptoms
  • Masked at all times unless specified otherwise
  • Was staying at the Omni Shoreham from Wednesday to Sunday [Last week]
  • They attended the following panels: Worldbuilding Spacefaring Civilizations, Blue Room at 4pm Thursday, seated far back on the left-side of the center
  • They attended the following events: WMGSO concert, Thursday, front left in the fourth row, facing the stage
  • They staffed Press Relations spending most time in the Press Room and some time in the Communications office
  • They ate, unmasked, in the Mahayuel Mexican restaurant on Wednesday and Chipotle on Friday, both around standard dinner time

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14 thoughts on “DisCon III Reports Four More Test Positive

  1. Hope everyone gets well soon. It was bound to happen but still sad to see. I’m glad these folks are stepping forward and letting others know where they were.

  2. Here’s hoping few or NO more positives, and that anyone listed above has a mild and speedy recovery. @Paul Weimer: I hope your test is negative!

    We’re getting tested out of an abundance of caution; fortunately, our county has a free drive-up PCR test site open Sunday in the parking lot of a church. (Their various sites are closed the 23rd – 25th.) Then supposedly a 1-2 day turn-around, though I hear labs are swamped these days.

    The only thing I’m not thrilled about is self-administering the test; I don’t trust myself not to muck it up. 😉 This will be my first (!!!) COVID-19 test, BTW.

  3. Looks like DC just ended up having the bad luck of falling just as Omicron made its triumphant debut in the US. Hope everybody manages to stay well or get well soon!

  4. My wife Deirdre and I attended in-person, FWIW are perfectly fine, and I have confidence we’ll remain so. More to the point, though, DisCon did about the most diligent job I can imagine at protecting everyone’s health and well-being, so we are lastingly grateful to the concom and staff for their hard and careful work, and generally for their grace under pressure. Thank you!

  5. The diligence and speed with which DisCon is communicating the test information to attendees gives me a high level of confidence in the information. (At least, the information being communicated to them.) I went into this trip planning to do regular lateral-flow testing regardless of symptoms and just had my second post-con negative test. So I’m confident I didn’t pick up anything at the con. (I also monitor my temperature daily, but that’s being affected by differences in sleep patterns and environment.) Since I’m spending a week in NYC visiting friends (and NYC is omicron central at the moment) I’m being very cautious about public exposure. No Broadway shows this trip, alas!

  6. I must say I am very impressed by the handling of DisCon 3 here. This is on a professional level.

  7. @bill: Eek, nannites!!! 😉

    More seriously, thanks for the link! That sounds intriguingly promising, though the proof of the pudding, etc. GO ARMY!

    I can only imagine what the “5G mind control space laser vaccine anthrax” wacko crowd will make of this.

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