Distinguished Members of the World Press

Chris Barkley, Daniel Dern

Filers Chris Barkley and Daniel Dern have arrived in Dublin.

For Chris Barkley, it was a roundabout trip —  

Well, my partner Juli and I FINALLY arrived in Dublin after a brief diversion to Frankfort… GERMANY and practically 36 hours without sleep. But we are awake, refreshed, full of Irish coffee and ready to record and reporting on all of the action, starting tomorrow…

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4 thoughts on “Distinguished Members of the World Press

  1. Dammit, I saw you in the hall and knew I recognized you in some way. Next time I’ll say hi.

  2. I didn’t look at the picture properly at first and I thought Daniel Dern was holding a huge sword. It was actually the shiny pillar behind him. To my confused eye, Chris’s hand/edge of the sleeve was the crossguard.

  3. @Daniel Dern
    I walked past you outside the convention centre today. I thought you seemed familiar from somewhere, but wasn’t sure.

    @Chris M. Barkley
    Sorry that you got stuck in Frankfurt of all places, since Frankfurt is a pretty dull airport. But then, lots of people have travel woes getting to Dublin.

    I mistook that same shining pillar for a giant Hugo Award today and thought, “Wow, they’ve pulled out all the stops!”

    Of course, I was still somewhat tired from the 20 hours on my feet day before. I knew that the convention centre was a building with a jutting glass facade by the river Liffey. So I spotted a building with a jutting glass facade by the river. There were people inside with badges and lanyards, though I wondered why they were all wearing suits and ties. “Well, maybe it’s some other convention that’s still going on,” I thought. So I walk into the building, ask the security guard for WorldCon registration. The young man was very confused. “The World Science Fiction convention”, I explain, “It starts tomorrow, but registration should be already open.”

    “Oh, that’s at the convention centre 200 metres down the road that way”, the security guard said.

    Turns out I’d walked into the Central Bank of Ireland.

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