Doug Chaffee Passes Away

Artist Doug Chaffee died April 26 at the age of 75. Chaffee did the 1982 World’s Fair poster, the official program painting for the Trident submarine and his work has been featured in Air Force, Think, Newsweek, and US News plus several military and science magazines. Within fandom, Chaffee did the cover for the 1986 Worldcon (Confederation) program book and was Artist Guest of Honor at DeepSouthCon in 1983. 

Randall Bills praised the work Chafee did for games, and the artist’s versatility:

Doug Chaffee worked for a myriad companies in our industry. What’s more, his work went far beyond our shores: from Navy commissions, to concept art work with NASA before there was a space shuttle, to a giant painting of Marine One currently hanging in the White House. That such a caliber artist loved to work with us on our imaginary universes has always been wonderful and humbling.

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story; via Guy H. Lillilan III.]

"Marine One at White House" by Doug Chaffee