Drive to Change SDCC Harassment Policy Dead in the Water

Geeks for CONsent’s effort to grow support for anti-harassment policies by protesting the San Diego Comic-Con’s less than state-of-the-art Code of Conduct has completely stalled. There is unlikely to be a revision before the con begins July 24.

Geeks for CONsent’s petition on failed to gain any traction. Less than 150 signatures have been added in the past month. Only 2,514 people have signed altogether.

Nor in recent weeks have major media outlets paid much attention to the drive to pressure Comic-Con management to upgrade its anti-harassment policies. The most significant reference was in Publishers Weekly’s pre-convention coverage.

Celebrities have either ignored the campaign or, using their own risk/reward analysis, have decided there’s little risk of negative publicity from attending. John Scalzi, whose decisions are always a bellwether, announced two days ago he has tweaked his Comic-Con plans but not abandoned them.

I’ll be at various off-site events, including a reading at the Grand Horton Theater on Thursday afternoon (July 24, 1:30pm to 2:30pm). I will not be at the San Diego Convention Center or participating on panels….

No being on the convention floor or wandering the corridors or loitering outside of Hall H looking for movie stars, no. I’ll be signing books for Tor to give away at their booth; I’ll be signing those in my hotel room, most likely. Now, note: My reading is off campus but is affiliated with the convention, as I understand it. But in that case, if someone acts like a harassing asshole at my event, I can have them bounced and reported.