Dublin 2019 Closing Message

Dublin 2019 distributed a goodbye newsletter to members today with links to some interesting items.

The Souvenir Book. A downloadable PDF of the souvenir book is now available as a free download. (Dropbox link, 21MB file)

Queue Survey Results. This is entertaining.

On Saturday and Sunday of the convention, 257 members participated in our queue survey. The results are summarized in our paper Revealed Preference Representations of Science-Fiction Fans Arrayed in Upright Linear Social Structures, which can be downloaded here.  

The Art and Artistry of Dublin 2019. Dublin 2019 is also calling for help on a project –

Sara Felix, Iain Clarke and James Bacon are working on a post con publication, entitled ‘The Art and Artistry of Dublin 2019’ which will be made available as a PDF to download. With so much art created for the convention, bringing it together and talking to the artists seemed like a superb idea. 

Many members may have also created, crafted or made art specifically for Dublin 2019, and we welcome hearing from anyone who has some art that could be considered for inclusion. Please email [email protected] for further information.

4 thoughts on “Dublin 2019 Closing Message

  1. BTW, should you really be linking to a PDF hosted on Dublin2019.com through a third party’s mass-mailing/response-tracking app? Just asking, I am not sure about this linking etiquette thing 😉

  2. Chair James Bacon says he’s fine with me running those links. Is there any other problem you see?

  3. The survey reminds me of an image meme I saw a while back. It had a picture of Sir Patrick Stewart, and the line “Use the Force, Harry” attributed to Gandalf.

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