E. V. Comfort’s “Jane” Series

E. V. Comfort

E. V. Comfort

By Carl Slaughter: In November, E.V. Comfort wrapped her Jane Pace space opera about superhumans, invading aliens, and anti-super hatred. In every story, Jane Pace and her super friends face off against hideously dangerous aliens who pose a horrifying threat to whatever planet Team Jane has chosen as sanctuary, the human race, the galaxy, the universe; while simultaneously dealing with the prejudice and treachery of the scientists who created them and the humans whose lives and habitats they repeatedly save. Amazon reviewers were unanimous in their description of Comfort’s writing for its seamless storyline, tightly woven plot, intricate details, hard science, coming of age perspective, and touching relationships.



An Extraordinary Girl at the End of Worlds Jane, a seventeen year old genetically engineered Macro-Telekinetic, lives at a School for Supernormals (Telepaths, Telekinetics, Empaths) on her home system of Pace-Pallon. There she and her classmates—the stunningly beautiful Atalanta (a persuasive Manipulative Empath), the arrogant Wilby (a brilliant Micro-Telekinetic), lethal but loyal Felix (the powerful Macro-TK instructor), the experienced Stuart (a clever and crafty Telepath) and many others—have been trained from birth by the Pacey Government to do its dirty work. But everything changes one morning when dangerous Objects—Objects full of gestating tapetia mortis creatures capable of consuming millions of humans—slam into and infest all four Pace-Pallon planets. Soon abandoned by the Government that owns them, the Supernormals and their leader, General Samuel Armstrong, realize they will have to fight and, if necessary, flee to survive. The tapetia mortis may mean the end of Pace-Pallon, but for Jane and her fellow Supernormals the story is only just beginning…


All life on Pace-Pallon destroyed, Jane and all remaining Paceys take to the safety of space and wait for a Terran rescue ship that may never come. The genetic Scientists that created and legally own ‘supernormals’ like Jane and her friends take control and Jane risks everything to save her fellow freaks as well as the life of the General who leads them. But the threat of the Scientists, who would happily kill all ‘supers’ for their enhanced genetic code, isn’t the only one the Paceys face. It seems that the creatures that consumed 50 million Paceys are preparing to feast again…


One Old War, One New The Heliot, a genetically engineered human/amphibian species, have begun rapidly expanding their Empire, ruthlessly using a device, the Aquaformer, that turns a dry planet into an ocean of poisonous Heely water. World by world the Heliot plan to remake the Galactic Union in their own planet’s image. Now they are coming for Earth. But even as Union forces, some led by Admiral Samuel Armstrong, struggle to protect their member planets, newly-elected Union President, Siobhan Archer, uses the Heely threat to drive anti-supernormal paranoia to a fever pitch. Jane Pace, the powerful Pacey Telekinetic, now works for the Union’s Extra-Sensory Task Force (the ESTF) on Earth’s largest space station, Terra 1. She and most of her fellow refugee freaks find themselves not only fighting to survive, but to keep the Union free…even if most of the humans within the Union would rather see it fall than accept their help. Fortunately for them, Jane, Felix, Atalanta, Wilby and many others, including some Terran ‘natural’ supers, aren’t waiting for permission to act…


From Bad to Worse The Heliot War continues and the cost in lives grows. Jane Pace, the powerful Telekinetic, and her similarly gifted friends have fled Terra as Union President Archer tightens the screws on supernormal freaks of all descriptions and origins. They now live and work for fellow Pacey Captain Ian Armstrong’s Phoenix Independent Mercenaries (the P.I.M.), but nowhere is truly safe. The Heely weapon, the Aquaformer, continues to allow the conquest of innocent worlds and Archer fuels the fire, pushing the Union military (including the Fleet commanded by Admiral Samuel Armstrong) into battles they cannot win. Archer’s deliberate mismanagement of the war threatens to disembowel the Union. Enlisting the help of wealthy genius David Abrams, Jane has to plan for the most daring (and insanely dangerous) mission of her life. Unfortunately there is only one place she can go to stop Archer. She has to go back. Back to Terra.


Powerful Telekinetic Jane Pace has fled Terra for the Thao Protectorate. Armed with a new name and identity, she now works as a bodyguard for the ruler of the Kingdom of Gloriana and teaches refugee supernormals, victims of the anti-super purges of multiple planets. Although Terran authorities still hunt for the Red Angel, Jane’s focus is revenge. She and her friends in Captain Jack Fisher’s Three Furies Fleet are searching, searching for one particular man: Tristan, an unstoppable and insane Telepath/Empath/Telekinetic ultra-hybrid. Tristan stalks Jane, biding his time, while Jane, Soames (a Terran Telepath whose twin was murdered by Tristan), Master Assassin Quinn and Telepath Daniel (Tristan’s former protegee and obsession) plot their own retribution. Jane and her friends risk everything to deal some Pacey Justice to Tristan, even as Jane realizes that losing to him may mean a fate worse than death. For how do you fight a man who can erase your soul?”


While Telekinetic Jane Pace and her friends—Telepaths Daniel and Stuart, Master Assassin Quinn and fellow TK’s Garrett and Felix—look for a way to end the devastating Heliot War, Dr. Wilby Pace frantically searches for a cure for Ignis II, a deadly virus designed to infect and kill anyone carrying the supernormal gene marker.

The danger extends beyond the supers, however, when Vega (the planet that spawned the virus to purge itself of its naturally occurring supers) realizes that more people have the marker than originally thought—and most of its victims are ‘normals.’

The Paceys race to Vega, attempting to save the last of the Vegans, and stumble across something unexpected and extraordinary: a chance. A great gamble, but still a chance.

A chance to end the War.   A chance for victory.


Telekinetic Jane Pace races to Corsica in the wake of the assassination attempt on Ambassador Fitzroy, but other greater forces are at work affecting both the Union and the ongoing Heely War.

Jane’s friend Arrow Peters, a Pacey pre-cognitive, sees the terrifying future: Admiral Samuel Armstrong taken hostage. A violent battle in space around David Abrams’ planet, Novy. The destruction of Abramstown. A Heely General covered in human blood demanding the lives of all the pro-Union Heelies. The deaths of tens of thousands. The cold nothingness of space itself.

In the shadows, a person the Union had counted out is finally making a power play.  Jane and her friends (super and normal alike) vow to stop the attack on Novy and protect Samuel—even though Arrow has never been wrong.  All that is left is to face the Hell that’s coming.



The Pelann, the clever and ruthless leader of the alien race known as the Deneth Rian, unable to walk the corridors of power on Terra (literally unable, since the Deneth cannot tolerate gravity), has a plan that could win her the control and influence she so desperately seeks.

Will the Pelann risk tens of thousands of Denethian, Tarine (their sister race) and Human lives to level the playing field in one violent gamble? Will she pull off an all-or-nothing play that changes the fate of the Rian and of the Union itself?

Soon Jane Pace, the powerful Telekinetic known to the universe as the Red Angel, and her friends learn of their enemy’s opening move: Massive Trithicate, the oldest Deneth Space Station, has disappeared into hyperspace, destination unknown.

Danger to the Union looms over all, but the Pelann is aware that Jane and company will use everything they have to protect it —or die trying.  And bring the new enemy into the light.

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