Eaton Lifetime Achievement Award Winners

Ursula K. Le Guin, Ray Harryhausen and Stan Lee will receive the J. Lloyd Eaton Lifetime Achievement Award in Science Fiction next April at the 2013 Eaton Science Fiction Conference.

“Science Fiction Media” will be the 2013 conference theme, chosen to reflect the “increasingly diverse forms of expression of science fiction.”

“The past several decades have witnessed an explosion in science fiction texts across the media landscape, from film and TV to comics and digital games,” said Dr. Melissa Conway, a conference co-organizer.

Scholarly papers presented at the conference will explore science fiction as a multimedia phenomenon, whether focusing on popular mass media, such as Hollywood blockbusters, or on niche and subcultural forms of expression, such as multiplayer Internet games based on genres such as fantasy and science fiction and the production of fan-made music videos that pair scenes from TV shows and movies with a particular piece of music. Information about submissions is available here.

A science-fiction writing competition for full-time undergraduate and graduate students enrolled in the UC system will offer a first prize of $500 and a second prize of $250. See details at .

[Via Locus Online.]

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