Ed Green, a Really Good Bad Guy


The other day I called someone “Fandom’s working actor” as if there were only one. Diana asked, “‘Fandom’s working actor’? What about Ed Green?”

Let’s fix that today, now that Ed has made it easier than ever to follow his blossoming acting career through his new page on the Internet Movie Database.

That’s where I learned Ed played “The Bad Guy” in Steve Bartlett’s 15-minute crime short Wife of the Bad Guy. The story concept is: “There’s someone for everyone – even the bad guy. But how much does she really know about her husband’s business?”

Bartlett’s film has been accepted for showing at the Fear No Film Festival in Utah and the Delta International Film & Video Festival in Massachusetts. Hopefully the short will play at a lot of other festivals throughout the year.

In the meantime, keep looking for Ed in new features, commercials and music videos. Or else.

The Bad Guy

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