“Ed Wood’s Captain America Civil War”

This fake trailer is hilarious by any measure, and after spending countless LASFS meetings watching Charlie Jackson II screening Republic serials I really appreciate the parodists’ artful scene choices, editing, and instinct for silliness.

(Also, “Timely Studios” — YES!)

[Thanks to Michael J. Walsh for the link.]

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8 thoughts on ““Ed Wood’s Captain America Civil War”

  1. Check out the “premakes” created by Ivan Guerro on YouTube; he may not have been the first to take clips from older classics to make “new” trailers but no one has done it better. And they’re useful tools to introduce younger audiences to antecedents of today’s hits.

  2. I imprinted on J-MEN FOREVER, so a lot of the footage used in this is familiar to me because of that. I heartily endorse and recommend it (J-MEN) as another example of the genre, and particularly funny in the lip-synching department. (The similar HOT SHORTS is less rewarding, and an anonymously dubbed “Commando Cody” short that’s out there is pretty darned amusing as well.)

  3. This is amazing! Not only good clip choice and editing, but even the lip-sync is good.

    I recognized several of the originals.

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