Elliot Shorter’s New Location

Elliot Shorter has been moved to a new facility.

“Elliot is doing very well.  He is working hard during physical therapy, eating well, voted through a mail-in ballot and is in good spirits. An important update is in need though. El has done so well he was deemed ready for placement in a long term care facility. We were hoping a bed would come available at Oak Hill but this did not happen. The first opening came at a very nice facility in East Providence and that is where he transferred today. El placed himself on the waiting list to return to Oak Hill if possible. The new facility is nice, he has a private room. There is going to be some getting used to this change. The address for the new home is: HARRIS HEALTH CENTER, 833 BROADWAY, EAST PROVIDENCE, RI 02914. He is in room 25….”

There is another new post at the Master-El LJ, too.

[Thanks to David Klaus and Andrew Porter for the story.]

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