Ellison, Card in The Delivery

Harlan EllisonWhen Book Expo America convenes in Los Angeles this week, among the offerings at the Audio Publishers Association Conference will be a short film made in 2007 by Gabrielle de Cuir that includes two noted sf authors. The Delivery is “a journey into the fantastical world of auditory imagination” featuring Scott Brick, Emily Janice Card, Orson Scott Card, Harlan Ellison (photo), John Rubinstein, Michael York, Efrem Zimbalist, Jr., and Stephanie Zimbalist. The film will be shown May 29.

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the information.]

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One thought on “Ellison, Card in The Delivery

  1. This film is on this weekend at the Dragon Con Film Festival (Official Seleciton) in Atlanta .. 7pm screening on 8/31/08 at the Hyatt Learning Center.
    Also screening in LA in October at E3 (E for Everyone).
    Trailer viewable at Youtube. Due a search THE DELIVERY Trailer.
    More info at http://www.skyboatroad.com

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