Emshwiller MS Sought

Be on the lookout for Carol Emshwiller’s manuscript for “The Man Who Saw Saturn” asks Luis Ortiz of Nonstop Press. It was recently auctioned and is the only copy of a story he wants to include in a forthcoming collection of Carol’s short fiction:

I am trying to locate the person who brought “The Man Who Saw Saturn” at the Tiptree auction at Wiscon. This is an early Carol Emshwiller story of 2,200 words, sold to James Blish for a science fiction magazine that never came out. Nonstop Press will be publishing The Collected Stories of Carol Emshweiller in 2011. Our agreement with Carol is for published stories, so “The Man Who Saw Saturn” kinda falls in between the cracks. I have not seen this story and it appears that Carol did not keep a copy of it.

Luis Ortiz can be e-mailed at lortiz (a) nonstop-press.com

[Thanks to Andrew Porter for the story.]

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